Dealing With Fear After Loss

Posted on Nov 7, 2011 in All Blogs, Moving Forward | 1 comment

Fear is a Normal Reaction

After the initial response to loss, fear can arise as a normal reaction. Some form of fear usually manifests as a result from tragedy, loss or death of a loved one. Fear can present itself in a variety of ways. You may be afraid of the dark, being left alone, being around new people or getting hurt. You may be afraid of death and dying. You may even develop fears you never had before. Sometimes people may experience a generalized fear where they’re not exactly sure what they are afraid of. You may find yourself holding on tighter to possessions and/or people because the fear of losing them is so great. It is also common to feel uncertain of what the future holds for you and to be afraid of what your life will be like after your loss. You don’t have to accept the fears you may have developed and you certainly don’t have to live your life in fear.


Fears Go Away!

Remember that fear is just a reaction and does not have to become a part of who you are. If you deal with your fears directly, you can drive them away. Identify your fears and talk about them openly or journal about them. Face your fears head-on and do not hide from them. Don’t run from what frightens or worries you; expose it instead. It’s not good for your grief recovery to hold your fears within and dwell on them alone, they have a tendency to grow bigger and stronger when kept inside and hidden. Recognizing the fears and talking about them can weaken their grip on you. Work through these issues with a trusted person in your support system and definitely take your concerns to God. It is reported that the scriptures declare, “Do not be afraid” 366 times; that is one time for every day of the year including leap year. Fear is a real issue that has plagued mankind for ages, however we can overcome. Fight all your fears by explaining in detail what worries and frightens you. Sometimes the fear is unfounded and sometimes we must continue on with life in faith. There aren’t always certain and secure answers to ease all of our concerns. In those cases, utilizing our faith can be very important in claiming victory over fear’s control and to provide us with peace.

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One Comment

  1. That is so encouraging to know God says 366 times to not fear. What a great word to start the day. If we could cut our fear down to just half of what it is, it would be amazing what we could accomplish. Thank you Mrs. Kilgore for a good word to start the day!

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