Helping Another

The H.O.P.E. (How Our Peace Endures) Campaign

Posted on Aug 7, 2013 in All Blogs, Helping Another, You Are Not Alone | 2 comments

Battle of a Lifetime I have felt so inadequate in my ability to “do something” while my brother (affectionately called H) fights cancer and recovers from his brain surgery. He suffers from the same disease that took our father’s life in 2008. I couldn’t “fix” it for my dad and I can’t “fix” this for my brother; he’s in God’s adequate hands. However, I did realize that I could offer hope to H each day to help him fight a battle I know he can win! He’s a warrior; an inspiration of hope himself, but even the greatest warrior needs a strong army supporting him. My...

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Helping Other Grievers In Their Immediate Time of Need

Posted on May 22, 2013 in All Blogs, Death is Not the Only Cause of Grief, Helping Another, You Are Not Alone | 0 comments

Devastating Events Once again, we see the shocking and disturbing images through the media of an event that has ripped peoples’ homes and lives apart. We hear the stories from the victims and their families and our hearts break as we see their pain and shock of such overwhelming grief and loss. I try to imagine what they must feel but my mind won’t allow it. It’s impossible for me to understand the magnitude of their grief. I’m talking about the Oklahoma/Texas tornadoes, the bombings in Boston, recent school shootings, wildfires, earthquakes and so much more. Our hearts hurt for those...

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Holidays and Special Days for Grievers

Posted on Feb 12, 2013 in All Blogs, Helping Another, Moving Forward, Overcoming Grief | 0 comments

Are the Holidays Really Over? The holiday season is “officially” over! No it’s not. For a griever, the holidays are never over. Okay, so Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas finally came to an end… but more holidays and special days continue. Birthdays, major holidays, anniversaries, and other special days can be particularly difficult after a death or significant loss. Even the most obscure holidays can be a reminder of your grief. Of course the last five Father’s Days have been painful for me since Daddy died but now I even miss the cards that I received from him on “Sweetest...

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Making Changes that Heal

Posted on Jan 23, 2013 in All Blogs, Helping Another, Moving Forward, Overcoming Grief | 0 comments

Resolution of Change After careful consideration of my New Year’s resolutions and feeling the impact from recent national tragedy, I‘ve decided to make genuine changes in myself and in my life. Devastating events and grief have a way of putting our lives into perspective and pressing us to reevaluate our priorities. We all need to take the time to access the true nature of who we are and see if we’re exemplifying that in our daily lives. In these days of high technology, social media, Internet and texting, we may have slipped in the art of personal communication and face-to-face...

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Taking 3 Steps Forward and 2 Steps Back in Grief

Posted on Nov 1, 2012 in All Blogs, Helping Another, Moving Forward | 0 comments

From Positive to Negative I think of myself as an “encourager.” I truly want to help people be optimistic and see the positive side of a situation; I try to instill hope in everyday life. However, I realized recently that I am not always strong, or even optimistic; sometimes I’m downright negative. This felt like failure to me, an unacceptable flaw, to be weak, confused and completely overwhelmed, but there are times when tears come at a steady pace and I progressively feel worse in my grief. I have felt alone while surrounded by family and friends. I have been afraid, although in a...

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Dealing With Anger in the Grief Process

Posted on Oct 20, 2011 in All Blogs, Death is Not the Only Cause of Grief, Helping Another, Moving Forward | 13 comments

Angry Moments Can Arise Often times when we are hurt, offended, or lose something or someone we love, we become angry. During the grief journey there may be times when anger rises within you without warning. Many times it’s a reaction that just appears, usually uninvited and unwelcome. Perhaps your anger is specifically directed at someone. You may feel mad at the person who died, or with someone who caused your loss like the drunk driver, an abuser, or the one who stole from you. People, even family and friends, can do or say the wrong things that make you angry. There may be no particular...

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