Loss of Pet

Experiencing Joy Along with Grief

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Roxy Today our family felt a great loss as our loyal companion died at 2:32 pm. Roxy was 16 years old and has been a gentle and stable figure in our clan for almost as many years. After being rescued from an abusive home she came to us distrusting and scared. However, it didn’t take long for Roxy to win our hearts and for her to claim us all as her family. Her past was redeemed with a beautiful life providing protection and unconditional love to her family; and the adoration was returned. The joy and love Roxy gave this family exceeds the pain of losing her today. I choose to feel that way;...

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Grieving the Loss of a Pet

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Saying Good-bye A friend of mine had to say good-bye to a loved one this week. Her dog, a.k.a. “best friend”, lost his battle to illness after providing over a decade of loyalty, amusement, and devotion. My young friend’s heart broke as she held her faithful companion while he took his last breath. What greater love is there than to put your own feelings aside for the love and comfort of another? He passed this life peacefully in the arms of love.   Significant Loss Grieving the loss or death of a pet can be extremely painful. In many cases, a pet has become friend, a confidant, a...

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