Overcoming Grief

Music is a Powerful Healing Tool for the Body, Mind and Spirit

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Stress Negatively Affects Your Total Being Stress and grief have a way of exhausting the body, mind and spirit, especially after dealing with prolonged anguish. At times you may feel your entire being is completely spent from warding off the pain of life and fighting the surrounding negativity. In those times, it seems impossible to do anything constructive to give you an edge up on the perceived war, or at least regain your footing in the battle. Maybe you’re just tired of the daily struggle and your soul cries out for a cease-fire so you can tend to your battle wounds.   Using...

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Take Care of Yourself During Grief and Stress

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Stress Affects Your Overall Health There is always some form of stress in our lives; those attacks, big and small, that create anxiety and grief. Some are nuisances and some are devastating, but there are always stressors attempting to rob us of our peace and health. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life or how great the stress is, you should always be mindful of your health, fitness level and emotional state. Actually if your stress level is extremely high, you are at risk for more, and even serious, health complications. Now I don’t want to sound like your mother, so...

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Holidays and Special Days for Grievers

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Are the Holidays Really Over? The holiday season is “officially” over! No it’s not. For a griever, the holidays are never over. Okay, so Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas finally came to an end… but more holidays and special days continue. Birthdays, major holidays, anniversaries, and other special days can be particularly difficult after a death or significant loss. Even the most obscure holidays can be a reminder of your grief. Of course the last five Father’s Days have been painful for me since Daddy died but now I even miss the cards that I received from him on “Sweetest...

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Making Changes that Heal

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Resolution of Change After careful consideration of my New Year’s resolutions and feeling the impact from recent national tragedy, I‘ve decided to make genuine changes in myself and in my life. Devastating events and grief have a way of putting our lives into perspective and pressing us to reevaluate our priorities. We all need to take the time to access the true nature of who we are and see if we’re exemplifying that in our daily lives. In these days of high technology, social media, Internet and texting, we may have slipped in the art of personal communication and face-to-face...

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“Letting Go” is Essential in Grief Recovery

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Get Rid of Unwanted Baggage Sometimes when we are grieving, we have to let go of the things that weigh us down. It’s hard to effectively move forward from any kind of loss when we’re dragging around unnecessary baggage. “Letting go” is essential in grief recovery, in any recovery! “Letting go” doesn’t mean you forget your past, it doesn’t mean you are to release the love and happy memories of your special person or what you’ve lost. You will always have the memories that give you joy. Your relationships, memories, or love of that special person will always be a part of you....

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Take Control When Overwhelmed

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Little Things Add Up Overwhelmed. That’s a powerful word and a terrible place to be. It means to overpower or overcome; then again if you are currently overwhelmed, you know exactly what it means. When overpowered by situations and/or people, you feel oppressed and lose your sense of control. Major issues, trauma, and the death of a loved one can leave us feeling overwhelmed; but what about the heaps of everyday trials, disappointments and pains that compound into oppression? Sometimes the smaller things in life can pile up and eventually begin to suffocate the life force from our exhausted...

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