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Moving Forward to Your “Best”

Posted on Feb 4, 2013 in All Blogs, Death is Not the Only Cause of Grief, Moving Forward | 0 comments

Leaving the Past Behind I have always fallen short of the expectations I had for myself, and now I’m ready to change that. My entire life I’ve struggled to meet my own expectations, other people’s expectations and even God’s expectations (or what I thought the Creator of the Universe expected of me.) Failed attempts litter my past and for some reason lately, those failures have begun to haunt me. I’ve recently wallowed in regret of all the times I’ve wasted being selfish, naïve, contrary, rebellious, stupid, head-strong, drunk, careless, self-centered and self-defeating. I have...

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“Letting Go” is Essential in Grief Recovery

Posted on Jun 1, 2012 in All Blogs, Death is Not the Only Cause of Grief, Moving Forward, Overcoming Grief | 2 comments

Get Rid of Unwanted Baggage Sometimes when we are grieving, we have to let go of the things that weigh us down. It’s hard to effectively move forward from any kind of loss when we’re dragging around unnecessary baggage. “Letting go” is essential in grief recovery, in any recovery! “Letting go” doesn’t mean you forget your past, it doesn’t mean you are to release the love and happy memories of your special person or what you’ve lost. You will always have the memories that give you joy. Your relationships, memories, or love of that special person will always be a part of you....

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“What-ifs” and Regrets Can Cause You Grief

Posted on Dec 7, 2011 in All Blogs, Death is Not the Only Cause of Grief, Moving Forward, You Are Not Alone | 0 comments

Mistakes are Made Have you ever said “what-if”…? Of course you have, we all have. Sometimes our minds drift to the unknown territory of the “what-ifs”, “could haves”, “should haves”, and “might-have-beens”. However, sometimes the constant pain of our regrets and continually second-guessing ourselves can engulf us causing our thoughts to be overwhelmed with confusion and sadness. These feelings can only worsen a grief stricken situation. Do you have any regrets concerning your loss? Do you find yourself asking relentlessly about the “what-ifs”? Does your mind repeat...

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Prayer During Grief (or Anytime)

Posted on Nov 2, 2011 in All Blogs, Moving Forward, Overcoming Grief, You Are Not Alone | 1 comment

Guidance and Support I am not religious. However, I am spiritual and I am a Christ follower. I look to God for supernatural strength when my own is inadequate. I talk to God a lot on any given day about an array of subjects and I talk to Him even more on bad days. Prayer during my grief was essential to me. Prayer is just time spent talking to God. Whenever you pray, you can discuss whatever you wish with Him. Sometimes I praise Him and thank Him for all my blessings. Sometimes I seek answers or guidance. Sometimes I whine and complain. Sometimes I’m angry and confused about the things...

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Forgiveness is Essential in Grief

Posted on Oct 24, 2011 in All Blogs, Death is Not the Only Cause of Grief, Moving Forward | 1 comment

Lighten Your Load

Forgiveness is crucial on your grief journey, without it, it’s difficult to move forward. Unforgiveness is a destructive emotion so holding onto it may only make your heart feel worse. Unforgiveness carries a trunk full of heaviness that can weigh you down and delay your recovery. The burden of unforgiveness is too heavy for anyone to drag along in the grief journey. Lighten your load; open the trunk and deal with the mess of emotions inside.

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