Tanya Kilgore

Hillcountry headshotHello. My name is Tanya and I am a “recovering griever.” I am a wife, mother of 4, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and so on. I am also a believer in miracles, Zumba instructor, recovering alcoholic, entrepreneur, dreamer deluxe, cancer survivor, friend of Jesus and child of the Most High God. I am broken, confident, forgiven, quirky, caring, deeply-scarred, positive, beautifully imperfect and most importantly…hopeful.

I’m just like you.

We have all survived piercing and devastating pain along with experiencing ecstatic joy. We each have had our triumphs and failures. We have been abused and we ourselves have hurt other people. We have been wrapped in bondage and tasted freedom. We have felt the power of strength and weakness, confusion and clarity. We have been fearless and afraid. We have much in common. We help others in their time of need and we grasp for support when we need it ourselves.

People do have a common bond. We share basic common interests; we all seek security, love, a better life and peace. We are not that different; we are alike indeed.

It is my purpose to bring us all closer together. I passionately want to instill hope and encouragement to a negative and hurting world.

Please help me do that.

If I can offer you hope for today then you can pass it on to others tomorrow and they can pass it on also; it grows exponentially. Before you know it, we have all made a difference. “Making a difference” can be a random act of kindness, a smile, a positive reinforcement…no matter how small the act, it could be the one that ultimately saves a life!

Some days, I may need your support or words of encouragement. In fact, I know I will (it’s part of my imperfection!)

Let’s join together and make our own difference through peace, love and support. Sounds so simple and cliché, but if we start uplifting each other instead of tearing one another down, we will become stronger individually and also as a society.

Get on board with me, don’t do this alone…you don’t have to be alone…I don’t have to be alone.

Let’s spread H.O.P.E. together wherever we can…and let me know how your peace endures on this crazy journey called LIFE!


Author of The Grief Recovery Kit

Tanya KilgoreWhen author Tanya Kilgore’s beloved father died, she became paralyzed by grief. His death, compounded with unresolved grief from other events and significant losses, plummeted her into depression feeling hopeless and unable to cope.

Overcoming this experience compelled Tanya to write The Grief Recovery Kit. Her purpose, she explains, is to “ restore hope and help others progress in the grieving process so that no one has to remain stagnant in a dark place feeling overwhelmed and helpless.”

She now offers hope toward recovery and healing using practical principles from her book. Tanya wants to assist and inspire others to move fearlessly forward through the unknown territory of grief. Tanya’s desire is that all grievers will be well equipped on their journey and to know they are not alone.

“I want grievers to find a strong, peaceful heart while utilizing faith and helpful tools that facilitate communication and promote participation,” she explains. “Grievers of any kind can make the decision to push forward and shift their valuable energy toward healing. Any griever can obtain a strong, resilient and hopeful future.”


Tanya Kilgore has an Associate’s degree in Applied Science, a Bachelor of Science degree in Rehabilitation Studies and has studied for her Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition. However, from personal losses, divorce, and the death of her beloved father, she has experienced and worked through grief of many kinds and desires to help others do the same. She is currently speaking to groups offering hope and encouragement concerning “neglected grief” and grief recovery.

Tanya lives with her husband and their two teenage daughters in the Texas Hill Country. Their son is a Houston firefighter and oldest daughter and son-in-law live in Louisiana.


Speaking Engagements

Tanya Kilgore enjoys encouraging others, of any age, on their journey through grief of many different kinds. If you would like to know more about Tanya’s speaking engagements or would like to schedule her for your group, club, organization or church please contact Tanya at:

Aepisaurus Publishing, LLC
PO Box 5309
Austin, TX 78763


Tanya receiving her 2012 Silver Medal IPPY (Juvenile-Teen-Y/A Nonfiction) from the Independent Publisher Book Awards in New York City, June 2012.





  • Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient (Young Adult Books)
  • Winner of 2012 Silver Medal IPPY Independent Publisher Book Awards (Juvenile-Teen-Y/A Nonfiction)
  • Winner of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards (Youth Issues)
  • Winner of 2012 International Book Awards (Youth Issues)
  • Winner of 2012 Selah Award from Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference (Youth Nonfiction)
  • Bronze Winner of 2012 Living Now Book Awards (Grieving/Death & Dying)
  • Finalist as “Best New Self-Help Book” in The 2012 USA Best Book Awards
  • Finalist in The 2012 National Indie Excellence Book Awards
  • Editor’s Choice Highlighted Title from Independent Publisher
  • Earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval
  • Indie Reader Approved
  • Honorable Mention recipient in the:
  •    New York Book Festival,
  •    San Francisco Book Festival,
  •    Los Angeles Book Festival,
  •    DIY Book Festival.


From the Author

The Grief Recovery Kit was created to help in the passage of pain, to provide spiritual guidance and to help you move toward self-discovery and hope. You are not alone on this quest of recovery. With the help of your support system—all the people who care about you—and God, you will progress toward peace and healing. My prayers are with each of you who carry a grieving heart. I too have experienced sorrow and have been on a journey through grief. This book was written from my own broken heart after the loss of my dad and dealing with the “neglected grief” in my life. As you progress on your journey, know that you are loved and that your heartache is important to God.

This book demonstrates the endless compassion and love that our Heavenly Father has for us, especially in our times of despair. I pray this message gives hope to the reader for a healing heart, because there is hope for a brighter tomorrow while trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ. I also pray The Grief Recovery Kit will touch you in a positive way and help you move toward restoration of the joy and laughter that make our lives beautiful. May God bless you, heal your heart, and be with you every step of the way on your journey through grief… just as He has with me.

From the Author of The Grief Recovery Kit