What’s in the Book?

A young person's guide through the journey of grief

The Grief Recovery Kit 

A young person’s guide through the journey of grief


What It Is

This is a healing kit designed to assist young people in the grieving process due to loss, separation, or death. Each person, regardless of age, goes through a grieving process
after a significant loss.


When To Use It

When it comes to grieving, there is no way out of it and there is no way around it. With grief, it is best to go straight through it. The loss may include anyone or anything significant to that person. Whatever the case, the painful event should be experienced head-on without avoidance. Trying to ignore the pain or putting off the grief process may cause complications later in life, possibly compounding the grief over time.


How It Helps

Addressing the situation thoroughly and without delay often allows the healing process to start right away. This will help establish a more stable and peaceful heart for the future of the griever. There is no exact time frame for healing, nor is there a precise definition for recovery.


Who It’s For

The Grief Recovery Kit was created specifically to help children, preteens, adolescents and young adults come to the reality of their loss and start their own grief and recovery process. However, grievers of all ages can benefit from this resource. This is a tool to aid in the progression of those dealing with the sorrow and pain of their loss as well as provide hope.


What’s In It

The kit contains:

* helpful ABC’s for parents or caregivers of a grieving child

* four stories of loss illustrated with photography; one from the perspective of a child, one from a preteen, one from a teenager, and another from a teenager

* 40 activities that encourage participation of the griever, with a quote, supportive prayer and multiple Scriptures that correlate with each activity

* a blank Personal Journal for thoughts and feelings in written words or other creative means such as drawings

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