Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Through Unknown Territory…                                       Moving Forward


We are all on a journey…it’s called LIFE; it’s unpredictable and takes us into the unknown. Sometimes this trip leads us on a glorious fun-filled adventure and other times it carries us deep into struggles and even devastation. Our journey of life is a mixture of joy and pain…but it’s still the most beautiful gift God has given each one of us. That’s why I encourage you to embrace your life with passion and hope; those are the two ingredients that can change your journey into a brilliant ride of a lifetime! Find your passion and discover what hope means to you. Search deep because the “God of Hope” is ready to empower you for this journey called LIFE.

When life presents us with stress, offenses, losses and grief, it can be a painful and overwhelming. The journey through grief can be a confusing and difficult event. However, there is hope for recovery and healing; remember, there is always hope.

There are no specific rules or expectations for the grief journey; there are only suggestions and guidelines.

There is no exact time frame for healing nor is there a precise definition for recovery. Recovery is subjective and can have various meanings to each griever.

If you are grieving now, the intense pain you may be feeling will eventually lessen. The painful memories will fade but your fond memories will not.

As a griever, you may wonder how long your grief will last. Everyone is different, as well as their own situation, but as long as you are open to the grieving process and you try to actively participate in the recovery, your healing will progress.

Keep moving forward and keep your hope alive. Jesus Christ has been my “hope” in all situations. He has given me strength to prosper and endure while providing hope when the situations in my life were hopeless; He keeps my hope alive indeed! “I can do all this (LIFE) through him who gives me strength” (Philippians 4:13).


Join me in a daily search for hope and encouragement through my H.O.P.E (How Our Peace Endures) Blog along with posts on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s do this together!


I also recommend The Grief Recovery Kit as a source of healing and hope. This book is not only for young people, but for anyone grieving or struggling with loss,  regardless of age. This tool can aid in the healing process while providing a means of positive progression for those dealing with the sorrow and pain of their losses and painful events. By actively participating, and using this kit as a guide, you can move out of the paralyzing sorrow and begin to move forward on the journey through grief and into a place of peace.


Hope exists. Recovery is possible. Healing is waiting. Peace is here.