Supernatural Support



Photo courtesy of Carlie Tise


Source of Strength

I believe my strength comes from a supernatural source and that same force is also available for you. God is the foundation of my strength, abilities, aspirations, love and being. God Himself rescued me from disaster, disease, depression, and death. He lifted me up when there was no hope; He redeemed my disgraceful life and forgave me of deplorable sins.


God the Creator

God is the creator of new things and great things. God created the universe but He also created you. He knows you inside and out, your attributes and flaws, your strengths and weaknesses, your needs and desires. He knows the good and the bad and yet He adores you. God is full of mercy and love; God is love. He knew you before you were born and He has always loved you; that is permanent, that will never change.



He cares deeply about your pain and the sorrow you feel and His desire is to comfort and heal you. No grief is too small and no problem is too large for God Almighty. He wants to restore your heart and fill you with peace. All you have to do…is ask Him and then trust Him. Sometimes it’s hard to trust, especially in grief. Just try talking to God, telling Him what’s on your mind, asking Him to help; then listen. The more time youspend creating a relationship, the more strength and insight you will gain.


Who is Jesus?

God loves you so much that He sent His son to live a life on Earth, spread “good news” and ultimately sacrifice His life on a cross to cancel the sins of us all. Through Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven for all our transgressions, not some of our sins, but all, if we only ask, believe and allow Him to be Lord of our lives. Having Jesus, as Lord over your life is not an oppressive act but an act of freedom, free from sin’s pain and consequences.


You were created for fellowship with God and it is through His son, Jesus Christ that we all have the choice to walk with Him every day through the trials and joys of this world and also throughout eternity.

Supernatural Support